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Amy the

I cannot say enough about how happy we are with Amy the Tutor! It is very obvious how much Amy cares about education and her students. She is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to make sure parents are included in the process. 5 stars!!!

--Karen G

Very good tutor at a really reasonable price. I feel like my son is learning a lot from Amy and his grades went from Cs to As. He actually enjoys going!

--Craig H

Amy worked with my daughter during the summer before 3rd grade.  My daughter had fallen behind due to an illness.  


Amy was wonderful working with her!  It was never a chore to get my daughter to go to tutoring once she met Amy.  She was able to master all the 2nd grade subjects and was beyond prepared for 3rd grade.

Since last summer, although we do not have regular sessions anymore, my daughter has seen Amy during stressful times at school.  Amy has helped my daughter understand difficult concepts and learn how to prepare for tests.

--Cathy B

Amy sees my son for help in reading and writing. She is just wonderful! My son has improved his reading 3-4 levels. One thing I really like about Amy is she provides simple activities for us to do at home that have really helped me and my son connect and help him feel less frustrated.

--Hailey S



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