About Me

I am a long time resident of Valpo with four children of my own.  I have a BA in Elementary Education from IU with a focus in Special Education.  I have over 20 years of educational experience, covering preschool through 6th grade.  I am currently director and a teacher  at a local preschool and enjoy researching new teaching topics and techniques.

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Amy the

My Philosophy

*Every child has the capability to learn.  It is my job to recognize individual strengths and weaknesses and to meet each student at his or her level to the best of my ability.  

*The Growth Mindset model encourages a true love of learning.  I aspire to teach children to be confident and grow from their mistakes.

*Children learn best when learning is fun.  I make lessons enjoyable and relevant by using games and real life examples.

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My Favorite Things


The color orange




Riding my bicycle

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